08 April 2008

Couldn't have been bothered...now back on the horse

Even though I have technically been here in Manchester since early February, I am just managing to get my ambitions of freelance writing off the ground. There were so many other fun distractions like cleaning our new place, venturing out into the Northern Quarter to check out all the hipster vintage shops, crafty and arty places; unpacking, organizing, and reorganizing; establishing a yoga practice, compulsive knitting, transfering our lives on paper from Canada to Britain, residence permit applications, cooking lunch for my DH who comes home everyday to see me and get a hot meal, stich'n'bitches, trips to the LYS, sorting through childhood memoribilia and reconnecting with old friends, bachelorette parties in Edinburgh, visitors from Germany and bicycle shopping. Oh and then there are the 250 channels on Sky TV that also served as welcome distractions...

As always, I have to give myself some credit and cut myself some slack. This international moving stuff is hard work. There is an adjustment period whether I like it or not. That is what we learned from our move from Germany to Canada. I gave myself a two-month acclimation and settling period before getting on with what I have been talking about doing for the past year now: writing.

About five weeks ago, I began the work with The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It is a twelve-week program designed to help one rediscover and unblock creativity. I had started it about this time last year, but with the foundation of the program being daily journaling and a weekly artist's date, I barely made it two weeks. The book is really amazing as it sheds light on the background conversations running in our thoughts that serve as creative blocks. It is really helping me peel back the years and layers of negative thought patterns and deal with some messy stuff that I had no idea was in there. The combination of consistent morning journaling, filling the "artistic well" and working with the chapter exercises has been great. I wish that I had a group to do it with, though. I had found one on meetup.com, but it was too far away for me, the carless wonder, to get to. So I am flying solo and it seems to be going alright so far.

I have spent most of yesterday and today goal setting, prioritizing and laying the groundwork for my writing. I did some preliminary research and idea generation. Tomorrow I will start by writing my first practice article to work on my voice. Any encouragement or input?


Cathy said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!! You paint a "real" view with your words!!!! This is a perfect fit for you! Love,Cathy

Tamagosan said...

Encouragement? Hell yeah! You rock so much!!!
A journey of a thousand steps, yadda yadda yadda... You're on your way, babe!