17 April 2008


Like so many other people in this world, I have a tendency to slip into "lack mode". I don't have this, there isn't any that, blah blah blah. It is pretty absurd when you consider what is happening in Haiti, etc, where scarcity is the only thing that abounds. That said, I would like to acknowledge the things in my life that I am so very grateful for.

1. I am grateful for the abundance of love, support and encouragement I am surrounded by.
2. I am thankful for the abundance of fresh food and water.
3. I am grateful for a warm, inviting and nurturing place to call home.
4. I am grateful for the amazing people who are a part of my life.
5. I am so thankful to have had each experience in my life, good and bad.
6. I am grateful that I have been given the gift and choice to create.
7. I am thankful for my talents and weaknesses.
8. I am grateful for bicycle.
9. I am thankful for the education my Dad is still paying for.
10. I am grateful for the ability and freedom to choose how to live my life.

Got attitude? Try gratitude!


Tamagosan said...

Can't believe I didn't take you here!

brittunia said...

You did, Babe, right before my first visit to Rainbow!