29 May 2008

Blog Refocus : My Expat Life

I had originally started blogging to keep you abreast of my life abroad while showcasing my writing when applying for gigs. But then I thought to myself, why the heck would any publisher want to read my personal ramblings?

Since I started my excursion into the blogoshpere (or the world of blogs for my lay readers), I have come to realize how unfocused and perhaps confusing this blog may have been. So, I have started two other blogs to focus on my other passions and missions in life and have decided to narrow the focus of brittuniainmancunia. This narrowed focus will follow a more personal vein; where I am at on my writer's journey, the ups and downs of expat life, and the richness of my experiences here in England.

If you are interested in what I am intrigued by and knitting at the moment, please take a look at http://brittknit.blogspot.com/. There I will be reviewing and commenting all that there is in the online and offline knitting world and give you a glimpse at what projects I have going. I already have a few posts up and am committed to it being an interesting, useful, and interesting resource for the reader base I am building.

My writer's blog, www.brittbreu.blogspot.com, is still a work in progress. I am filling it with sample articles on a variety of subjects in a broad spectrum of styles and voices, as well as with links to pieces I have already published (also works in progress!)

If you are following my blogging, I want to sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement. I would also like to encourage your comments and suggestions on how I can improve my writing or the blog itself. Are there any topics you would like to read about? I value your input.

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Tamagosan said...

Yay for more blogs! Or am I supposed to be getting some work done here? My browser didn't like the link to the first one, though, maybe check it out?