30 July 2008

Happy Third Anniversary

Somehow it just doesn't seem accurate that we are only celebrating our third wedding anniversary today when we have really been together nearly ten years. I met Matthias when I was barely 21 and fresh off the boat from the States in Germany.

In the three years we have been married, we have moved four times and two of those moves were international ones. Three countries in three years. The loss of a mother. The arrival of an amazing step-mom. Ups. Downs. Uncertainty. Change. Growth. New horizons. A new mattress. Two barbecues. Two motorcycles. Two vacations. Two new baby nieces and a nephew.

It has been amazing - every smile and every tear and I am so thankful for the man I share my life with.


Tamagosan said...

Happy anniversary! That beautiful wedding seems like yesterday...

Emma said...

Yes, Happy Third Anniversary Britty and Mathias!! I can't believe that our camping trip was A YEAR AGO!! Oh my god time flies. Still miss you guys