29 September 2008

Fiber and Needles - It's a Lifestyle

If you are reading this and thinking, 'Oh God. Britt is shooting up Metamucil', then you have a strange sense of imagination, my friend. No, I am talking about fiber of the wooly type and the needles used to create fabulous garments from such fiber. And it is truly a lifestyle- for me and many others.

This weekend, I was out at an open house for a small company that sells undyed, natural wool yarn from a special breed of British sheep, the Bluefaced Leicester. There were several independant yarn and dying companies there peddling their wares, while we ladies (and several gents I must add) ate scones, drank tea and knitted or spun the wool of our choice.

This particular Saturday was probably the last of our ten-day stretch of Indian Summer- like weather: mild with a clear blue sky and a light breeze. It is really strange to then go to the shops and see nothing but 'Father Christmas' and 'Christmas Cake' (that's Santa and Fruit Cake to us Yanks).

The day was also great because I got to reconnect with a couple gals from my knitting group who I haven't seen in over two months on account of German visitors and staycations. I also got some hardcore networking in for my writing ambitions - I passed out a bunch of my new business cards and polished my elevator pitch which will come in quite handy at the big trade show in London next month. 

I also got to meet several ladies that also use the same online social network created just for knitters and crocheters called Ravelry. Every member has an avatar and moniker, neither of which always reflect the person's actual identity. We all were buttons with our monikers on them so we can speak to each other in person as easily as we chat together online. Strange, but beautiful nonetheless.

And using the utmost restraint a fiber-crazed knitting junkie is capable of, I only walked away with nearly one kilometer (a one-kilo spool) of superwash sock yarn (undyed) and a starter natural dye kit. After all, I blow my fiber budget before going to the big show.

Another episode in the life of a fiber and needle addict. And do I ever love it.


Tamagosan said...

Sounds like you there are other fiber junkies out there, too! What a cool idea to go super local with wool yarn, and big congrats on polishing your professional image before the big time!

CK TheJunction said...

fiber junkies everywhere. they are overtakin the world... sounds like good times for the british empire ^^