19 September 2008

The Fruits of Our Labor

I think it was sometime in March that I proudly came home with a few seed packets and a whole lotta hope. With a green plastic propagator on my kitchen windowsill, I somehow managed to raise a handful of black specks into eight tomato and nine zucchini seedlings (well, I suppose it isn't rocket science). Matthias and I had dug up a strip of lawn next to our fence, sifted out all of the gravel left from the construction of our housing development.

In mid-April, we planted out our seedlings. The tomatoes shot into the sky while the zucchini plants are slowly devoured by hundreds of minute slugs. Despite our finest efforts to detour these monstrous beast (using 2-liter plastic bottles as protective barriers and semi-regularly refilling subterreranean cups filled with the cheepest beer we could find), sadly only a single zucchini plant survived. And this was our first (and probably only) harvest after all these months:

Finally, summer in September. Here is another shot so you can get an idea of just how large our zuchinni was.

Not too bad. There is another zucchini on the plant. Maybe in another week, I can cut the other one and make a nice pasta dish.

The tomatoes, although the were so much more promising that our 'courgettes', have barely managed to ripen (what a surprise with all the sunshine in Manchester). I cut a bunch about two weeks ago and set them on the window sill. Now two of seven are redish.

Thankfully, there are just as many on the vine that are red:

If this little spurt of 'Indian' summer can just hold out a little longer, hopefully they will ripen up. Matthias and I will be transplanting one of the larger plants into a pot so we can try to keep it going inside through the winter.

But for now, it looks like fried green tomatoes will be a pillar on the menu at Casa Breu for a long time to come.

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