26 September 2008

Why American Politics Nauseate Me

What happens if you take a blithering idiot and 1) elect him or her to an important office such as state governor and 2) nominate this person (behind whom is 'nothing but panic and emptiness ') for the vice presidential candidacy?

The answer is Sarah Palin. And she could be our next VP, or even worse, take over the presidency if John McCain were to die in office (which is not to be excluded as a possibility, seriously).

What is the McCain election team thinking? What are GOP supporters thinking? This women has obviously suffered severe brain damage from prolonged exposure to snow and periods of nearly 24-hour daylight. Sarah Palin is probably the best George W. Bush ersatz I can think of. At least he can stick to concise and utterly empty BS rhetoric (well, two-thirds of the time).

As my good ol' home town weekly indie paper, The Stranger, so astutely equated with a passage from EM Foster's Howard's End, if the McCain/Palin ticket were to fall, one would only find "panic and emptiness". One thing is clear, Gov. Palin would be the perfect puppet president to dance at the tugs of special interest strings.

I think we can agree politicians do several things exceedingly well: speak publically and lie whilst doing so. That is enough to sicken a person with faith, albeit it severly waning, in democratic ideals. Then there is the plastic glitz and glamour that has turned American politics, especially the presedential race, into an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. But what really turns my stomach is the fact that any old schmuck with the cognitive ability of an inchworm can be elected or nominated to the most powerful offices in our once great land. We have just had eight years of this crap and now a large percentage want to elect potentially more of the same?

This folks, in case you were wondering, is one of the many reasons America is ridiculed the world over and is now forced to confront one of the greatest crises we have ever faced. Your vote and your dollar count! Use them wisely.

Thanks to Fritinancy's post for inspiring this rant.

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Tamagosan said...

Vote and vote often. And tell others to. Especially those in CA, USA that must vote NO on Props 4, 6 and 8.

Vote and vote often; that's the only thing (this mantra) that keeps me sane in these crazy times.