24 February 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

I think it is just shy on one year since I have actually blogged. One year. That is a long time considering writing courses through my veins. But my muse (and my knitting needles) had to make way for a beautiful baby girl who was born in June of last year. One could say that all my creative juices were flowing to one place and one place only. But that only just sounds nice.

The truth is that I wanted to be selfish and enjoy the last months I had left as a childless woman doing whatever my 5-year-old heart fancied at any given moment: sleeping in, staying in my pyjamas all day; knitting, reading and not moving from the couch until my husband got home from work at night.

And once again I find myself in front of my laptop now that a nap routine has finally been established. Since I have a 90-minute window, I have to work and write fast. It forces me to use my time wisely. Having a baby does. 

I am conceptualizing a new blog about something I can write about every day and that I am actually 'qualified' (I hate that word btw) to write about: Germany. This week I will be working on its layout with Steph, a good friend of mine at The Creative Identity. As soon as it is live, you can expect a link. Much love to you.


Tamagosan said...

Godspeed, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are going to be writing again.
Mary R in Seattle